Therapist- Anna Bailey

Anna is the founder and a dedicated hydrotherapist of East County Colon Therapy. After several years of miserable bowel problems herself, Anna found colon hydrotherapy.  It changed her life and decided to open a clinic in San Diego, California.

“It is my firm belief that a clean colon provides a happy and healthy colon. It allows healthy absorption of fluids to continuously resupply our body’s hydraulic systems for the countless number of chemical processes keeping our bodies alive and functioning as intended.

A decade has passed since I’ve learned this law of nature first hand. In my case, the realization was then and there; that I must learn this process and become the best hydro colon therapist I could be, to facilitate internal hygiene and wellness to all who sought my help. This is my career-minded, life goal. It is my calling. And I come to this path with gratitude for being enlightened through my own illness, such that I may give back to society this gift of wellness we all take for granted until it begins to elude us.

A clean, healthy colon is essential defense against disease and ruin. Just as the lungs need to inhale O2 and exhale CO2 with every breath to maintain life, so must the colon constantly amass and expel waste while reabsorbing fluids to run the engines of our cells.” -Anna Bailey

Since 2005, Anna has applied her passion and  dedication to help others achieve a healthy colon. She comes from a place of true empathy.  She is passionate about the details of a healthy lifestyle and is motivated to give you the best colonic available.

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