Therapist- Darla Bhatia

Darla has been a certified professional colon hydrotherapist since 2015. She is certified by the American Institute of Natural Health. This company multi level curriculum is founded on decades of research and is conducted in conjunction with Specialty Health Products, Inc. They’ve transformed the ancient art of colon hydrotherapy by manufacturing high quality equipment, to deliver the most advanced, safe and effective therapy available today.

Darla’s passion for colon hydrotherapy began after she tried this procedure for the first time. Her experience was a literal wake up call, when after cleansing, she noticed not only numerous health benefits, but also a profound sense of mental clarity, improved inner awareness, and peace. Darla believes strongly that maintaining a healthy digestive system through cleansing the colon is the key to vibrant health and well being. She became a therapist so that colon therapy would be a part of her life forever, and so that she could share her positive experience with others by helping them to heal as she did. Darla continues to educate herself through personal experience and research in order to always encompass a flourishing body, mind, and spirit.

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